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June 10, 2010

ChaosWare, Inc.

Nippon Information Development, Ltd.

PhotoCipher™ Service Now Open for World Wide Secure (SSL) Mobile Photo Uploading Users

-Introduction of Seamless Integration of Twitter and Android Application Open in the Google Android Market -

ChaosWare, Inc. (Head: Koganei, Tokyo, Japan, CEO and President: Ken Umeno, Ph.D.) and Nippon Information Development (Head: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, CEO and President: Seiji Suzuki) developed a mobile-Web integration service for world wide users to securely upload their photos and videos together with the associated GPS location information to the web server. This PhotoCipher service for consumers is open today and mobile applications include i-appli for NTT DoCoMo and recently opened Google Android smart phones.

User can automatically and instantaneously tweet their messages with the links to photos and videos together with space-time information taken by GPS function in the mobile phones via SSL secure transmission between user's mobile phone and the Web server without possibility of faked user authentication.


Recently there are many applications and web-services for users to upload their photos by their mobile phones and share among users. Unfortunately, most such applications use e-mail system to attach their photos to send to a unique destination address provided by service providers, so that everyone who happens to know the destination address can upload their photos and videos as if he or she were a true user.. This faked user authentication has been the main security hole for mobile uploading photos. Alternatively, the PhotoCipherTM uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer Protocol) to provide a secure photo uploading platform which makes the internet connection between the mobile phone and Web-server secure and it can erase the possibility of faked authentication in user's uploading.

About PhotoCipher for Consumers

Everyone who has Twitter account can use the PhotoCipher for consumers with free.of charge.Additionally, we provide three kinds of specific photo and video viewing pages, namely, the viewing pages for PC, mobile phones and smart phones.At those pages, users can use "mixing functions" to view time lines of photos and videos of all of the following users in Twitter,.

PhotoCipher'sURL :

*Free of charge if the total storage for uploading photos and videos is less than or equal to 100 M Bytes.

*2 Angobin(URL;Secure file transfer and storage service which ChaosWare, Inc. provides. PhotoCipher uses Angobin as secure storage of photos and videos.

Main Features of PhotoCipher™ for Consumers

1. Automatic and Instantaneous Tweeting in Twitter with associated photos and its location where photos and videos are taken by mobile phones.

2. Photo Mixing functions which displays TL(time line) of the photos and videos of the following users in Twitter.

3. Very easy; just three steps for photo・video transfer with tweet.

4. No memory required for photos and video storages.

5. GPS location information where photos and videos are taken can also be uploaded. PhotoCipher API for uploading photos and videos will be public within 2010.

6. Photos can be seen by any kinds of mobile phones, smart phones and PC.

7. Android application for PhotoCipher was released at the Android market.

8. PhotoCipher is very suitable for emergent disaster alarming system with location and photos.

9. Users can view photos and videos by all kinds of mobile phones.


We will exhibit this at ICR 2010(International Conference on Chaos Revolution 2010) to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia in October, 2010. See ICR 2009 site ( for reference.


Umeno, Terai

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Fig 1: Schematic for PhotoCipher for Consumers

Fig 2: Example of Display for List Mode.

Fig: Example of Display of Smart Phone's View.

Fig.3: Screen Shot of PhotoCipher Application for Android

Fig 4: Example of DisplayingImage of Map Attached with a Photo and its Associated Tweet.

Fig 5: Example for AutomaticTransmission of Message to Twitter via PhotoCipher

Fig 6: Example of Displaying Message with a GPS Location Information for Twitter.

Fig 7 Mixing Function of Photos

Fig. 8 Application of PhotoCipher to Emergent Disaster Alarming System with Photos and Locations